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&MAES consults governments, politicians, non-governmental institutions and companies on positioning and strategic communication. With our experience in politics, journalism and government, &MAES consults clients on questions like:

  • How can organizational goals and individual roles be best aligned when an organization is about to communicate new policy or a new action program?
  • What communication tools and which strategy suit this organization best?
  • How can I make sure that new collaborations are sustainable and successful?

&MAES functions as a connector of the internal and external world. We get familiar with the nature of any organization very quickly. Our broad skill set and knowledge of current affairs supports us when consulting organizations on public relations strategies in modern media realities and governmental environments

Together we work towards a strategy that suits your organization and serves the goals that were set out. We always deliver the results in a concise advisory report.

At &MAES it doesn’t end with consulting. We also take care of the implementation. As a spokesperson, moderator, sparring partner, or in whatever capacity required to enhance the (your?) strategy.