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Year 2015


In 2015 &MAES organized the anniversary of 125 years of labor inspection in The Netherlands.

The labor inspection (Inspectorate SZW) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor celebrated her 125th anniversary in 2015. The organization underwent many significant developments over the course of 125 years. It all started with an inspection only consisting of three inspectors in 1890. Ever since the organization has expanded to a service providing systematic supervision with responsibilities in a wide spectrum of disciplines.

In 2015, multiple events and meetings were organized to celebrate this anniversary. On top of that, a digital database with stories from the field of (old) employees was launched.

Concept development, organizing and moderating

&MAES developed the creative concept of the celebratory year, supported the inspection in creating the content of events, managed the practical organization and moderated the discussions and meetings throughout the year.