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Year 2015


In 2015, &MAES contributed to the presentation of the (Health) Carepact.

‘Better care for everyone by well-trained professionals, now and in the future.’ That is the goal of the (Health) Carepact. To make this happen, good cooperation between healthcare providers, educational institutions and local governments on a regional level is crucial. The (Health) Carepact functions as encourager of the cooperation of these parties. We offer a stage to the best practices of leading groups and stimulate a collective approach through regional (Health) Carepacts. We explore barriers and obstacles and try to find solutions. The (Health) Carepact is an initiative of the Cabinet. The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science have appointed Doekle Terpstra to lead this task.

Concept development, content development and moderation

&MAES advised the (Health) Carepact on the content of the presentation and contributed to the practical organization of the event. In addition, &MAES also moderated event.