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Ruben Maes

Ruben Maes is specialized in strategic communication advice. He is a sought-after presenter and moderator of debates and expert meetings. He leads discussions, seminars and multi-day conferences both in the Netherlands and abroad. The subjects of the meetings vary widely but always have a link with the public domain. Rubens style is characterized by a combination of journalistic acuity and a sense for the atmosphere of a meeting.

Ruben is involved in assignments where public or private organizations have to communicate with politicians, stakeholders and the media. Additionally Ruben uses his experience to train people who want to lead meetings. After studying political science Ruben worked at a research institute providing strategic advice for campaigns. He also worked freelance for Business News Radio (BNR) and he was an editor of PM The Hague. In 2003, Ruben founded his own firm under the name &MAES

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