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At Bureau &MAES, our specialists provide strategic advice to governments and organizations working in the public domain. We focus on helping you address medium to long-term (organizational) issues and to achieve your goals.

With a wealth of experience in the public sector, politics and journalism, we help our clients explore and answer fundamental strategic and organizational questions. These include;

Strategic development questions, such as:
- What is the primary function and purpose of our organization?
- What are our core values?
- What are our long-term ambitions and how do we achieve them?

Positioning questions, such as:
- What are the (social) tasks in our sector?
- What does this mean for our organization?
- What value do we want to add, and how do we generate support for this among our employees and external stakeholders?

Collaboration questions, such as:
- How does our organization promote sustainable and successful partnerships?


Bureau &MAES regularly provides experienced moderators for events, both in the Netherlands and abroad. These events vary from expert meetings to debates and international conferences. Our moderators are versatile, committed to the topic and have a good sense of awareness of the mood during proceedings.

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For requests and further information, please contact Bureau &MAES by email on or call us on +31 20 262 12 20.


Bureau &MAES works on behalf of ministries, provinces, municipalities, trade associations, institutions and organizations at numerous meetings. We support you in using various methods to present your content. Our meetings are: strong in content, interactive, innovative and mediagenic.


Bureau &MAES trains parties in the public sector in conversation management.