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Bureau &MAES specializes in strategic advice to governments and organizations in the public domain. We can help you to address your medium to long-term (organizational) issues and to achieve your goals.

With extended experiences in the public sector, politics, corporate field and journalism, we can help our clients to explore and answer their fundamental strategic and organizational questions, for instance:

On strategic development:
- What is the primary purpose and function of our organization?
- What are our core values?
- What are our long-term ambitions and how can we achieve them?

On positioning issues:
- What are the challenges in our field of work?
- How can we contribute to a solution for these challenges?
- What value do we want to add, and how do we generate the support of our employees and external stakeholders?

On strategic partnerships:
- How can we maintain sustainable and successful partnerships?

Bureau &MAES has experienced moderators for (online) events, in Dutch or in English. The events vary from expert meetings to debates or webinars and international conferences in both The Netherlands and abroad. Our moderators are versatile, committed to the topic and are experts in engaging with participants and letting everyone’s voice be heard.

Request (online) moderators
For requests and further information, please contact Bureau &MAES by email on or call us on +31 20 262 12 20.

Bureau &MAES works on behalf of ministries, provinces, municipalities, trade associations, institutions and organizations in the public sector. We help them to translate their goals into vibrant high level meetings. Our meetings are: strong in content, interactive, innovative and mediagenic.

There are many options for talking to each other remotely. Bureau &MAES has experience with online meetings with a variety of participants.

Small or large online meetings
We moderate effective discussions in an online environment. In smaller settings up to 40 participants in a strategy session or expert meeting. Or in a webinar with a larger setting of 40 participants and up. It has been proven to be a good alternative for ‘in person’ congresses, conferences or presentations.

How can we help?
In collaboration with our client, we prepare the meeting by determining the content and focal points of the online meeting. Bureau &MAES then takes care of the program outline, invitation, organization, moderation of the session, including the technical support. We will always include various ways to engage the participants and make sure there is plenty room for interaction.

Bureau &MAES trains individuals and organizations in the public sector in moderator skills, public speaking and organizing (online) events.